The OSAC Lexicon is a compendium of forensic science terms and definitions. This terminology tool was created to help bring consistency and understanding to the way terms are used by the various forensic science. Use of the OSAC Lexicon does not replace the need to reference the original published source.

The terms and definitions in the OSAC Lexicon come from the published literature, including documentary standards, specialized dictionaries, Scientific Working Group (SWG) documents, books, journal articles, and technical reports. When a suitable definition can’t be located in any of these sources, an OSAC unit generates new or modifies existing definitions. Gradually terms are evaluated and harmonized by the OSAC to a single term. This process results in an OSAC Preferred Term.

The OSAC Forensic Lexicon should be the primary resource for terminology and used when drafting and editing forensic science standards and other OSAC work products. It is continually updated with the latest work from OSAC units, as well as terms from newly published documentary standards and standards elevated to the OSAC Registry.
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